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Paint dining room two colors and paint living room with accent color around fire place. Dining is 14x13 and living is 14x23. Tray ceilings in both. Both rooms are empty.

George H

Interested in residential interior painting and company that offers financing.

Kristie M

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Painting - Painting Questions
1.30 Best interior painting conditions?

Q. Is it true that there are better weather conditions for interior house painting? I'm just trying to do a 11x12 room.

A. Slow drying if the humidity is high or raining outside......but will eventually dry nonetheless. For exterior paint, temp has to be 55 degrees or above. Happy Painting Be Blessed!

1.20 When painting a house with a roller is it better to go up and down or run it along the sode of the boards?

Q. Its wood house so going up and down leaves streaks cause it only about a foot up then down would painting sideways be better?

A. Painting side ways would be better, but the best way of all is to use one of those pressure sprayers.

1.20 Kitchen cabinet painting?

Q. I moved into a new condo with contractor grade cabinets, they have been painted but with a latex which i heard is incorrect, i guess it should be oil based paint. What is the best way for me to remove the latex paint, and does anyone have any tips on painting cabinets? Thanx

A. I would leave them till you need to paint. The paint will last for quite a while unless you are extremely hard on your cupboards. Leave them and when they need a redo, then worry about it. I painted mine in my last house with latex and they were fine for two years and sold the house without painting them again.

1.20 House Painting?

Q. Blonde Wife painting house, husband walks in and cant believe she's doing so well. But has to ask her why she is wearing a Leather jacket and a Parker, she said"Read the F****** tin it says for best results put on 2 coats!!!

A. Hahahahahahahahaha some1 call ambulance i m dying here

1.20 What flooring and trim goes nice with white walls?

Q. Im remodeling my apartment and my roommate chose white to paint the walls in our entry way and living room? i get to choose the carpet or flooring (hardwood, etc) and color of the trim, does anyone know what color of trim, and what type of floor would go nicely with the white walls?

A. Lucky you! I'd rather be allowed to choose flooring and trim any day! That's a keeper whereas paint can be changed. As for what matched white walls, basically everything! White is not a color in decorating, but the absense of all color and that is why you can match it with anything. So, you can buy whatever pleases you! Do keep in mind that the lighter the floor color, the larger the room will appear and the darker the floor color, the smaller the room will appear. Also, lint, dust, etc., shows up more on dark floors. What you choose to use as material for the floor really depends on your budget. Hardwood floors are definitely the best for getting a return on your money. If you can't afford that, then consider these types of flooring: - laminate wood floor - vinyl soft floor covering - bamboo flooring (my favorite, by the way!) - ceramic tile (did you know that you can get ceramic tile that looks soooo much lilke wood, you have to touch it to know the difference? It's better than hardwood since it doesn't scratch and is very resistant!) Will you be painting the trim or using natural wood? If using natural wood, it is advisable to match the floor. Enjoy!

1.20 Drywall repair - condo association vs. homeowners insurance?

Q. Last week my washer malfunctioned and flooded my condominium floor. The floor, trim, and painting will be covered by my homeowners insurance company. However, an 18" tall portion of drywall was removed all along the perimeter of the damaged area by the floor restoration services company (cleanup/drying was requested and paid for by my insurance company). New drywall installation isn't covered by my homeowners policy, because coverage starts at the finish layer (paint in this case). My condominium association manager said that since the damage was caused by my washer and not a broken pipe, it is my responsibility to repair and the condo assoc. insurance will not cover it. Is it really my personal responsibility in this case? What is your opinion on this situation?


1.20 How much should I pay a contractor for painting my 3,000 sq. ft. home(new, no carpet, flooring, or electrical?

Q. Interior, ceiling and walls same paint. He is sprying one coat primer, and one finish coat over medium texture.

A. Whatever you feel is fair or both of you discuss it.I would make my own contract too though withholding payment until job is completed.

1.20 What is considered good art and by whose standards?

Q. I am doing a study of "Faith and Reason" written by Pope John Paul II. Tonight we were talking about objectivity and subjectivity. Art was the example used to discuss one's own perception of good art and bad art and the universal perception of it. I am confused by the subject of art. I personally think good and bad art is subject to one's own personal opinion. Can anyone explain to me what is 'good art'? Like Michelango, Picaso & Van Gogh versus modern art? And by whose standards is 'good art' classified as such? I've never taken an art class, I only draw privately once in a while but I don't consider myself an artist. What books or websites can I go to to learn about art?

A. Good art is art that during the Renaissance time artists painted! Michelangelo, Da Vinci as well as Raphael as excellent examples of good art! they are the kind of art that people want to see, apppreciate, where time was put into it, where there is always a theme, where the colors and techniques start to vary with the change of time and where one actually look at a painting and interpret what he or she sees because it looks so realistic and human like! the good art has high expectations and none the less, and take Michelangeo and the Sistine Ceilin and compare that to Picasso-not that i have something against him! Michelangelo shows expressions, emotion, light, darkness, did a fresco on the cupola of a chapel as well as had a theme for it and nailed it! everything when you look at it seems in its place, as though realistic, the colors vibrant yet pastel, the themes changing and the mystery is still there. Picasso on the other hand as well as other modern artists consider art taking some paint and throwing it on the canvas or making copies of the mona lisa face multiple times in color! i call that a kid's work because i can give my brother and his friends some paint and canvas and they could come up with the same stuff the so called "artists" come up with the same things or even better! art in todays society especially good art is what Europeans have in their museums such as the Louvre and D'Orsay and at Versailles too! that is art, good art to be more specific since it is not something done in a hurrty but rather with sophistication and with class! that is what sets the two arts apart: good art has more class to it while the modern art does not and yes art art defined by the society and their standards as always!

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